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What UNStoppable Leadership Is

You are focused and intentional in your daily efforts, strategically moving forward on the most important things with little distraction.

You have abundant energy and enthusiasm for your work – yes – and all the vital aspects of your life as well.

You are making a meaningful impact on your team, clients, family, friends, community and the world. You are fulfilling your purpose.

You have absolute confidence in yourself, listening to your inner desires and wisdom without questioning and doubting.

You are excited about where you are headed, and the next level you are stepping into

You have a clear vision of what is most important to you for fulfillment, and a clear path to achieve it.

You stand for something. You know what your non-negotiables are and you stand behind them every single day.

You know your ideal clients (internal or external to your business) so you build your brand to attract them and the right opportunities.

You tell (and create) your story with confidence so it draws your ideal client and opportunities while it repels anything that doesn’t grow your vision.

You are visible as an expert and authority to the right audience, so new, expansive opportunities can find and recognize you.

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Own Your Own Shift

Whether you choose the 4-month or the 12-month 1:1 coaching plan, you receive unprecedented support and guidance to establish you in your new, unstoppable leadership role:

  1. UNSTOPPABLE INSIGHT: Together we will identify your core personal values, your purpose and clarify your vision of what is next. We will uncover what obstacles (real and imagined) may be in your way, and develop a personal manifesto for your next level of success.

  2. UNSTOPPABLE IMPACT: You have a unique set of superpowers – strengths and skills – that define your personal brand. We will amplify them, and begin to bolster your mindset, resiliency and build your competencies so your brand shines through.

  3. UNSTOPPABLE INFLUENCE: To have the greatest influence on others, you must set your intentions for how you can best be of service. We will clarify your gifts of rapport-building, establish your very own Unstoppable Team U, and create a strategy of serving others that repays you 10X.

  4. UNSTOPPABLE IDEATION: Unstoppable is not a destination. It is a creative process, and we will explore possibilities beyond what you may have imagined, learning to recognize and reliably trust our inner guidance (intuition) as well as accelerate the decision process, and make problem-solving a snap.

  5. UNSTOPPABLE ACTION: Throughout our work together we will be building an action plan for fully activating your personal brand, telling your story in the right way to the right people – fearlessly. We will customize a set of goals and objectives with a clear path to achieve them.

Let’s Work Together

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