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Tools for Shift

There are so many ways to grow your influence and impact. Here are some of my most popular ones. These resources are free, and are my gift to you on your journey of self-discovery. They have worked for me and my clients. From exploring what we value and believe, each tool increases your clarity and confidence.

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Values Worksheet

Our personal values are key to creating any kind of shift. These are not social values, but the values that define who we are.  This worksheet helps sort out what we really value, so we can build a personal brand on a strong foundation.


Find Your Purpose Workbook

In order to get clarity and grow your impact, you need to understand where you are headed. This book is 22 pages of exercises to reveal your passions, talents and strengths, identify your true values, and write your own personal purpose statement.

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Face Your Fears Worksheet

It's okay to be afraid. When we try to ignore fears, they can block us. However, when we look them in the eye, they lose their power. This worksheet walks you through questions that meet your fear head-on. 


Action Plan Worksheet

Your plan for success doesn’t need to be complicated. This worksheet examines what you really want, and guides you to inspired action with a few simple steps.

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Workbook

More than the occasional self-doubt, imposter syndrome affects us as we achieve greater and more visible success, leaving us feeling like a fraud. It's not your fault, and it can be healed. 


Intuition Workbook

Learn how to recognize, tap into on demand, and trust your inner wisdom for faster and more accurate decisions - especially in challenging situations.

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