The Reasons I Aim for Failure in Business

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I have heard a lot of business experts echoing the statement, “Failure to plan is planning to fail.” While I can’t argue that planning is a vital (often overlooked) step in growing a business, I also know that the best-laid plans can fail horribly just as often. Failure is a pervasive force. In my 25

The Surprising Reasons Referrals Hurt Your Business

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Common sales wisdom tells us referrals are better for business than the long, uphill climb of filling the sales funnel any other way. Regardless which source you prefer to cite, all seem to agree that your closing ratio is guaranteed to be higher with referrals. Non-referral lead sources tend to result in closing ratios of

22 FREE (Or Almost FREE) Tools Every Lean Entrepreneur Needs NOW

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You CAN Bootstrap Your Business Without Being Second-Rate They say, “You get what you pay for,” and that’s still true, but today money is not the only currency for a lean entrepreneur. The search for visibility in the form of reputation, share-worthiness have all influenced “free tool” providers to ensure their solutions are actually robust.

What Your Business Wants For Christmas

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Business owners look forward to that magical time of year, filled with celebrations, treats, gifts, music, time with family – and (you know it’s true) getting a little work done while everyone is out of the office. It’s almost irresistible to want to “get ahead of it” for the next year when you’ve been going

Why Entrepreneurs Should Fire Their Boss NOW!

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Most entrepreneurs will tell you they love being their own boss. But if you worked for a boss who demanded a 50-80 hour week, asked you to postpone any time off indefinitely, forced you to pay for your own health insurance, micromanaged every detail, paid you well below market value, assigned you the work of

5 Simple Steps For Entrepreneurs To Get Unstuck

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Most entrepreneurs feel stuck in some area of their business. What’s worse, once we see we are stuck, we start repeating, “I am stuck,” (or some variation) over and over. We build an entire story around our being stuck. We talk about how it feels, how frustrating it is, how we cannot figure out why

5 Ideas That Kill the Entrepreneur

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An entrepreneur is a courageous individual. We are driven by passion to create, be of service to the world, and quite often by a deep need for recognition and approval. Passion, service and approval motivations are so strong that they override the basic need for safety and security that can keep others from taking the

Can Crowd Funding Save Brand Startups?

Brand startups are disappearing. It is no secret that crowd funding has reframed what it means to launch a brand startup. Is it enough to create the environment for a fledgling brand to flourish? Crowd funding does help brand founders skip the second mortgage and bypass angel investors for seed money. Considering that the number

Start Marketing Success from the Inside Out

You’ve heard the truism, “Happiness is an inside job.” Marketing success is an inside job as well.  90% of business start-ups fail while they are busy looking outside themselves for their win. We learn to look for increased funding, more visibility, less competition, improved market conditions, innovative technology and processes, and better workers – just as

Assumption Audits Get Better Results than Brand Audits

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Brand audits are a routine analysis of customer awareness and perception, brand messaging and competitors. This is done through research and surveys much like a regular “brand physical.” However, Assumption Audits are akin to a psychological brand exam. They start by looking inside the organization at its fundamental beliefs. The Similarities Between Brand Audits and