Marketing can be messy. It also can be meaningful.

Stacey Ruth knows. She has been founder and CCO of two multi-million dollar agencies for over 25 years. Her stories and expertise make her a sought-after speaker, author and marketing consultant for numerous organizations. Stacey shares how hidden assumptions can block success, as well as the importance of brand intimacy in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

In an endless sea of tactical how-to books, videos, and seminars, Stacey’s presentations, workshops and seminars stand out.

Her trademarked Assumption Audit process, and her unique approach to Brand Intimacy are lively and provocative, inciting action from her audiences.

Awarded Best Business Book by NABE, Truth & Dare: Inside Out Marketing takes readers on a tour of marketing myths, and challenges them to boldly uncover their unique, guiding purpose, often hidden under layers of assumptions.




Words both inform and reflect our reality. They are the currency of connection we all share, and the foundation of all successful marketing.  Need we say more?

From presentations to proposals, videos, newsletters, outbound marketing, blogs and brand materials, what you say matters. How you say it matters more. Creative content makes the difference.

Marketing thrives on engagement. Check out the blog. Get Stacey’s insights and bring your own.

Topics include brand intimacy, marketing strategy, business strategy, business growth, entrepreneurship, business leadership, assumption audits, business mission, business purpose, business vision, marketing myths, marketing and advertising, marketing and sales, branding, marketing content.